Help Document For Divi Info Boxes Layout

Showcasing your Services Or Features with a info icon boxes section on your Web Pages
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How to import the layout pack and use them on your website:
Follow the below steps to install the Divi Layout into your Your site.

Step - 1

1. Download the Zip file and extract so you have access to the files.

Step - 2

Go to your site and locate ‘Divi’> ‘Divi Library’> ‘Import and Export’

Step - 3

Import Layout (.json) file on on Divi -> Divi Library -> Import & Export Button

Step - 4

Click On Import Option > Choose File > Choose Given Divi Library .json File

Step - 5

After import layout json files you can see Divi Layouts are in below

Step - 6

Go to the page you are creating using Divi : Add New Page and Click on “Load Layout”

Step - 7

Enter Page Name and Click On ” Use Divi Builder”

Step - 8

find ‘+’ Section (Add New) icon at the bottom centre of your page Section. It will be the icon on the left once the purple bar is expanded

Step - 9

Click on “Add From Library” and find your layout Section

Step - 10

Let’s take a final step put your CSS code from your zip file (Divi Info Boxes zip) > Style.css File > Copy all CSS code and paste to Divi Theme Options > Custom CSS